Aimex Water Filtered Replacement Bottle with Maifan Stone for Water Coolers 20L

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This product assists in transforming tap water into water resembling that of a natural spring.

This product secures the second position with its high-capacity activated carbon purification, providing effective sterilization. It efficiently eliminates residual chlorine, bleach, pesticides, and other harmful substances from water. Additionally, silver ions play a crucial role in preventing microbial contamination of the activated carbon itself.

Designed with an easily removable soft core and a washable carbon core structure, this product extends the useful life of the filter. The inclusion of a float valve made of 100% food-grade PP and high-temperature-resistant silicone rubber minimizes the risk of leaks caused by deformation in high-temperature water dispensers.

Now featuring the inclusion of maifan stone. Maifan stone is commonly used in water purification systems. It contains minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium, which can help remove impurities and improve the taste of water. Additionally, it is known to release beneficial minerals into the water, contributing to its overall health benefits according to Chinese tradition.

This product is not only effective but also user-friendly, offering easy cleaning for added convenience.


Filtration Rate: 0.3 liters per minute
Bottle Volume: 20 liters (Upper Tank 9 litres + Lower Tank 11 Litres)
Working Pressure: Normal
Optimum Temperature Range: 5°C to 35°C
BPA Free

Aimex MDM Water Filter Australia

Did you know that filtering water is much healthier and more preferred to buying bottled water? Well, now you know. Are you then pondering about which between a fluoride water filter or an alkaline water filter would suit you best? Waste no time! MDM Australian has exactly what you need. How do they know this? The company has specialized over the years on water products, and recently it was able to get into the market, products that will blow your mind!

What is alkaline water?

Normally "alkaline” in chemistry refer to its pH level,but when its come "alkaline” in to drinking water there are so many question arised.
what is the meaning of "Alkaline water".Alkaline water means less acidic water. its means the water rich in calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate.The pH numbers count the level of water how much acidic and how much alkaline.its scals 0 to 14, for example if its the pH level 1 would be very acidic and if its pH leval 13 would be very alkaline.

Normally Drinking water has a neutral pH of 7.Alkaline water typically has a pH of 8 or 9.Our 8 stage activated charcoal KDF filter makes your water cealn filtered alkaline.

Our 8 Stage Activated Carbon Mineral Replacement Water Filters have special layers which can  removes the chlorine,bacteria,Parasites & Contaminants like rust, nickel, arsenic, mercury, lead.Also its Remineralizing Water by adding natural mineral.

Why you should let MDM Australian handle your water filter needs:

Quality Aimex MDM Water filters

You would always want to be sure of a product’s quality before you even consider purchasing them. At MDM, the only consideration you get to make is whether to pay for the products there and then or after delivery. The reason is that if you were looking for quality water filters, you already have them as soon as you reach out to MDM Australian. This is one of the few places which you will get the best water filters in Australia. Therefore, relax, we’ve got you!


What good is a water filter if it is not affordable? Choose to buy water filters at MDM and you will be surprised at just how you can walk away with amazing products at a manageable price. At the end of the day, you’re assured that what you have with you is one bluechip product, therefore you can’t even worry yourself.


From the alkaline water filters which are not common in Australia and the fluoride water filters, MDM Australian offers a wide range of water filters which you don’t come around very often. You will be surprised at just how effective these unique products, which also include the portable water filters, come in handy!

The following are some three products that will make you think twice before deciding on a different store. This is but the tip of what is available just for you.