FAQ Aimex Water Filter

Aimex Water Filter

1. How does the 8 Stage Aimex Water Filter technology effectively remove impurities from tap water?

Aimex Water Filters Contain 8 Stage Layer which can remove impurities from tap water

2. What are the benefits of using Aimex Water Filter's 8 Stages water filtration system in comparison to traditional water filters?

Pure Cost Effective Unlimited Water Every day.

3. Are all the filter cartridges in the 8 Stages Water Filter replaceable, and how often should they be replaced for optimal performance?

Yes - Need to Change every 4 to 6 months depends upon use.

4. Can the Aimex Water Filter system effectively remove chlorine, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants commonly found in tap water?


5. Is the installation process of the 8 Stages Water Filter user-friendly and suitable for individuals without plumbing experience?

Yes installation process is user-friendly.

6. How does the technology utilized in Aimex Water Filter's 8 Stages system ensure a continuous supply of clean and great-tasting drinking water?

8 Stage Layer containts different system which ensure great-tasting drinking water

7. What maintenance or care routine is recommended to prolong the lifespan and effectiveness of the Aimex Water Filter 8 Stages system

Avoid the Direct Sunlight

8. How does the Aimex Water Filter's 8 Stages system effectively remove chemicals from tap water?

KDF is known to kill algae and fungi, control bacteria growth, and remove chlorine

9. Is the advance technology used in Aimex Water Filter's purification process safe for everyday household use?


10. What sets the Aimex Water Filter's filtration process apart from other water filters on the market?

Reverse Osmosis

11. How often should the filters in the Aimex Water Filter system be replaced for optimal performance?

Every 4000L Water Usage or every 4-6 months

12. Can the 8 Stages Water Filter effectively eliminate bacteria and microorganisms from drinking water?


13. How does the taste of water filtered through the Aimex system compare to bottled water or other filtration brands?

Remineralisation also takes place in which essential trace minerals are added back, balancing the pH

15. Does the 8 Stages Water Filter system effectively remove chlorine and heavy metals from tap water?


16. Does the 8 Stages Water Filter system effectively remove chlorine and heavy metals from tap water?


17. Which water filter removes the most contaminants?

Aimex 8 Stages Water Filter has advance technology of purifying which removes:
Chlorine,Bacteria,Parasites,Bad smell and taste,Organic sediments pesticides,Contaminants like rust, nickel, arsenic, mercury and lead, AA maintain Fluoride,Other harmful metals

18.Which is better water softener or water filter?

To remove contaminants from the tap Water Filters is best choice and 8 Stage Water filers removes all contaminants from the Tap Water.Water softeners do not filter water,they only remove calcium and magnesium minerals to address hard water.

19.How do I know if I need a new water filter or replace the filter?

Murky or cloudy water, unusual tastes, or unpleasant smells are indicators that it's time for a replacement.

20.Do water filters go bad if not used?

Yes filters go bad, because of humidity and weather factor. 

21.What happens when you use a water filter too long?

The contaminants will make their way into your water, and taste like tap water 

22.Which water filter removes the most contaminants?

Aimex 8 Stage water filter remove most of contaminants , filters has 8 different layer which help to remove all contaminants and add minerals in to your water.

23.What is the best stage for water filter?

More Stage in filter means more layers in water filter which can remove all contaminants, 8 stage water filter is best water filter.

24.What is 8 stage water purification?

Wth the advanced 8 stage water filter, you can transform your tap water into a clean, great-tasting, mineralized, and alkalized refreshment.The advanced 8 stage water filter goes through multiple stages of filtration to make sure that the water you drink is free from harmful bacteria and contaminants.



Why water taste different than before?

--> The elements present in water give it the distinct taste. Before filtration, along with taste, tap water may also have some odour. During the filtration process the elements like Chlorine, Fluoride and heavy metals I.e Lead, etc. eliminate, and hence the distinct taste formed due to these elements is neutralized.


Is filter effects on smell and taste of the water?

--> In our water filters, along with filtration, remineralization also takes place in which important trace minerals are added back, balancing the pH of water to alkaline, which is better for the body. This adds slight taste to the filtered water.


What would be the pH of water after filtration?

--> It would be Alkaline, near to 8 or higher.


Some people do not like the filtered water taste, what is the reason?

--> While most people love the way their water tastes on filtration, please note that taste is an individual preference and may vary based on personal choice. While we give you the reassurance that water filtered with Aimex water filters is pure and healthy, and the taste is what majority buyers consider as ‘tasty’, please be advised that as filtration is a defined process there is nothing, we can do externally to change the taste if you prefer it otherwise.

It may happen that when you first switch to drinking filtered water, you may feel the difference and it takes some time to adapt to the new taste. Knowing that it is good for your health makes it tastier.


Can we return the open filter?

--> Sorry, due to hygiene reason we are not allow to stock it back, resell it or accept the return. If you suspect about the compatibility for other than our brand then please do not hesitate to contact us beforehand. All return shipment is paid by buyers with original packaging. *

*if any fault by sender except post/courier fault, return shipment should be paid by seller


Procedure to install the replacement/new filter?

--> or the best experience with our filters for using

Please soak filter and pads in water for overnight, to remove the air in between the particles and material inside. Then wash it under the running tap water (warm, not boil) which helps to get rid of the black colour from activated charcoal. Then install it.


If I drink that black colour, do I need to see a doctor?

--> It is a natural discharge from activated charcoal, if you have washed it properly then it won’t leak, however, activated charcoal is use for many toxic removal processes, so if you had it then no need to worry, absolutely fine. You can search on web to get knowledge of benefits of activated charcoal. Now a days they use in toothpaste and even tablets are available in health and pharmacy store.

However, we reckon to use it after washing thoroughly.


Why it is taking long time for filtration?

--> In event of extremely slow filtration process, please rinse filter with warm water not the boiling water.

The measurements of the filters are as here



The procedure is leave the filter soak in water overnight, then run warm water through 4-5 min or black discharge stops and then install it

All happen due to 5 micron pores in ceramic layer and air in between the molecules, in other hand it is a good sign of best quality. Speed will increase gradually


Why if my new filter is leaking from the side?

--> Leaking may be caused by the air in between the particles in new filter. All you need to do is, remove the filter wash it under the warm water (not boiled) for 10-15 min, which helps to remove if any air left inside and helps the water flow. The flow gradually increases as you use it, because new filter is not treated at all, everything is new.


How often and when I need to change the filter? 

--> every 6 months or 5000 liters water usage, whichever comes first.


Why black particle accumulates all around the filter? 

--> Activated Charcoal is a natural product and each filter has same amount of Charcoal, however, due to natural property of the activated charcoal it may release colour in vary amount. Some small particles come down during the washing the filter and sediment around the other parts of the filter, which is quite normal and expected also not harmful at all.


Why you we not supplying washed filters? 

--> Washed filter lost its functionality and get expired in few months. Unwashed ones keep it own property for years and extend its shelf life which optimize the results and saves heaps economically.


Hot water function stop working 

--> If hot water function stop working, then the hot water tank must be out of water and left it on for while which may reset itself for safety reason. All you have to do is push the reset button from the back side, to push the reset button you need you use long wooden screwier as per in the picture. Please turn off the power supply while doing this process.


Cold water not dispensing while let is on and the switch is on at the back 

-->  It may happen when you haven’t cleaning the float valve at the tank for a while, which inhabit the flow of water to the cold tank. All you have to do is empty the tank, take out the float valve and clean it properly and put it back on.


Leaking water from the back of the cooler 

-->  It may happen when float vale not fixed properly or valve missing the gromet while assembling. Please open the float valve, check if gromet is there. If everything is OK, please refit it and try again. After all, it still leaking, please contact us.