About Us


MDM AUSTRALIAN is one of the fastest growing Australian company with professional experience of Import, Export, Wholesale, Distribution and eCommerce with a large network of dealers.  We have developed our eCommerce sector with all the latest technologies available to provide the best quality product with extremely great service and most reasonable prices to our customers. We have the partnership with quickest and suitable shipping services, which also covers the regional area of Australia. Our R&D team always searching and sourcing the products which are environmentally friendly and boost the healthy life. Our one of the main priority is an environment, hence most of our products are recyclable. We always consider the human health and wellbeing before supplying, purchasing and sourcing our products. MDM AUSTRALAIN  has the policy to import or export the quality goods with 100% match with the Australian Safety Standards. Our motto is to provide the best customer service with the optimum satisfaction before and after any transaction. We have multiple Customer Services access available so our current and potential customers can select their desire medium of help, which includes Online Chatting, Phone, Email and Website. We are bound to provide superior support to our customer, clients including all our stakeholders. Aimex Australia has authorised licences to import and export Agricultural goods, mining products, fruits and vegetables. We are member of Refrigerant Reclaim Australia Limited and holding a licence to import ODS/SGG Equipment.

Our Expertise:

  • Import
  • Export Australian Commodities
  • Exporting Mining Products
  • Our Product Range:
  • Agricultural Goods
  • Solar Panels
  • LED
  • Portable Fridges
  • Water dispensers with Hot and Cold Functions
  • Water Purifiers
  • Water Filters

Camping Products

  • Military standard Purifier
  • Straw Filters
  • Water Bag/Bottle with UF filtration

Emergency Camping Products

  • Roof tents
  • Fold-able Solar Panels
  • Led Lights for Tent