Aimex Water Ss 304 Gravity Multi Stage Purifier 8 Stage Water Filter

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Aimex Water  SS304 Gravity Multi-Stage Purifier- 8 Stage Water Filter 

  • Environment Friendly
  • Stainless Steel Exterior
  • Pure Filtered Water
  • Easy to Use
  • Advanced Filtration Techniques
  • Refreshingly Pure Drinking Water
  • Great for Cooking
  • Great for beverages
  • Long-lasting
  • Less Hassle
  • Protection from the sunlight
  • Stronger and Durable
  • Suitable for home and office


Sr. No.





U. Tank: 7.8 L (+/- 5%)

L. Tank: 7.5 L (+/- 5%)

Total Holding Volume: 15.32 L (+/- 5%)



L- 330mm x W- 330mm x H- 370mm Stainless Steel Exterior without flter.


Net Weight

1.7 kg (+/- 5%)


Gross Weight

5.036 kg (+/- 5%)


Multistage Filter Weight

566 g


Types of Multistage Filters

1)    8 Stage Water Filter,

2)    8 Stage Fluoride Filter and

3)    8 Stage White Filter


Filtration Rate

Up to 20 LPH


Stages of Protection

8 Stages (1st is ACB & 2nd is Multistage Filter)


Product Dimension

236L X  236W X 505H in MM

How it Works:
  • Filter Pads:Effectively removes rust and sediment particles, stopping the propagation of harmful bacteria.
  • KDF:Removes Chlorine, Pesticides, Organic matter, Heavy metals, Iron, Lead, Nickel, Mercury & Arsenic.
  • Activated Charcoal: Removes Chlorine, organic sediment, foul smell and bad taste.
  • Mineral Ceramic Balls & Mineralized Balls: Restores natural trace minerals required by the body, such as Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Iodine.
  • Additional Activated Charcoal Layer: An extra layer of activated carbon for purification.
  • Small Mineral Balls: Insoluble mineralized balls that slowly and gradually release trace minerals into the filtered water.
  • Ceramic Plate: Removes some bacteria and parasites for pure water.
  • Fluoride Filter: Two layers of white ceramic balls are present. Activated alumina in one layer of white ceramic balls absorbs the fluoride from the water.
  1. Inside the box:


Sr. No.



Upper Tank 1Piece and Lower Tank 1Piece


Aimex Water 8 Stage Multi-Stage Filter 1Piece 


Activated Carbon Block 1Piece


Pump 1Piece


Tap 1Piece


Lid 1Piece


Base Ring 1Piece


  • Replacement of Activated Carbon Block: 
  • Replace the activated carbon block after approximately 1500 Litres or four months, whichever is earlier to ensure the best filtration and purification.
  • To replace; twist and pull the existing activated carbon block from the top container, then take the new activated carbon block and twist it into the connector.


  • Replacement of Multi-stage Filter:
  • Replace the multi-stage Filter after approximately up to 5000 Litres or four months, whichever is earlier. 
  • To uninstall the Filter, rotate it anticlockwise carefully and remove the same.
  • Please refer to installation step no. 3.2 for installing Multi-Stage Filter again.
  •  Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Aimex SS Gravity Filter has been specially designed to give you microbiologically safe water if the Aimex system SS Gravity Filter is used as prescribed in this manual. Listed below are the precautions you must take to ensure the best filtration and purification.

  •  DO’S

  • The Aimex SS Gravity Purifier guarantee of safe water applies only if you ensure that the top container of the purifier and the tap are hygienically kept and that germs are not introduced while making any contact with hands, drying with a cloth, or any other means.
  • While washing the top container ensure that you have separated the Activated Charcoal Block from it. You should ensure that the area around and beneath the purifier is kept clean.
  • Always keep all components of the Aimex SS Gravity Purifier out of reach of children. Ensure that the purifier is placed on a flat surface. And never tilt the top container to take out water.
  • If you ever want to shift the purifier, do so only after both the top container and bottom container are empty otherwise the purifier may leak, and the purification process may get affected.
  • Ensure that the nut in the top container is fully tightened. if not, water may leak.
  • Freshly purified water should be used for drinking.
  • DON’TS

  • Always clean the Aimex SS Gravity purifier only as described in the instructions for cleaning. Do not use any soap or detergent. Ensure that you don’t inadvertently introduce germs into the chambers or the tap e.g. through your hands or by using a drying cloth.
  • Always use purified Aimex SS Gravity Purifier water to rinse of the top container, and then let it drip-dry.
  • Do not pour boiling or hot water (more than 50˚C) into or on the Aimex SS Gravity Purifier. Similarly, don’t pour freezing cold water (less than 10 ˚C) into or on the Aimex SS Gravity Purifier.
  •  Do not pour hot water directly from an overhead tank or any other source in your Aimex SS Gravity Purifier. if required, allow the water to cool to room temperature before pouring it in the top chamber.
  • Never buy an Aimex SS Gravity Filter or an Aimex (Multi-Stage Filter) kit from an unauthorized source.
  • Do not expose any of the components to fire.
  • Do not drop any of the components or the purifier from a height. This may cause the components to fracture or break, and the guarantee of getting safe water will no longer be valid.
  • Do not put any chemical fluid if the transparent chamber is full; please do not fill the water in the top chamber, otherwise, it may cause it to overflow.
  • Do not use the (Multi-Stage Filter) KIT after expiry i.e. post twelve months from the date of packaging.
  • Do not keep the Aimex SS Gravity Filter in direct sunlight as it may trigger the growth of algae if input water is significantly contaminated.
  • Do not use water not intended for drinking in Aimex SS Gravity Filter e.g., from abandoned or abused water bodies or water sources in which human or animal industrial wastes are disposed of, or water that is excessively acidic or alkaline or from river, pond, and swimming pool.
  • Do not use this purifier to filter the beverages and alcohol.
  • Water stored for more than two days should not be consumed.




Aimex MDM Water Filter Australia

Did you know that filtering water is much healthier and more preferred to buying bottled water? Well, now you know. Are you then pondering about which between a fluoride water filter or an alkaline water filter would suit you best? Waste no time! MDM Australian has exactly what you need. How do they know this? The company has specialized over the years on water products, and recently it was able to get into the market, products that will blow your mind!

What is alkaline water?

Normally "alkaline” in chemistry refer to its pH level,but when its come "alkaline” in to drinking water there are so many question arised.
what is the meaning of "Alkaline water".Alkaline water means less acidic water. its means the water rich in calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate.The pH numbers count the level of water how much acidic and how much alkaline.its scals 0 to 14, for example if its the pH level 1 would be very acidic and if its pH leval 13 would be very alkaline.

Normally Drinking water has a neutral pH of 7.Alkaline water typically has a pH of 8 or 9.Our 8 stage activated charcoal KDF filter makes your water cealn filtered alkaline.

Our 8 Stage Activated Carbon Mineral Replacement Water Filters have special layers which can  removes the chlorine,bacteria,Parasites & Contaminants like rust, nickel, arsenic, mercury, lead.Also its Remineralizing Water by adding natural mineral.

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