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It is needless to say that there is nothing on earth, more important than water. Water is life. It is possibly the only reason of life on earth. If right now, we start counting on number of times we use water from morning to evening we would be lost. An average human uses 80-100 gallons of water every day. And I will tell you what there’s not many gallons available on planet. Want to know? 326 million trillion gallons of water. But with the population that our planet inhabits this isn’t enough because fresh water is only 3% of all this.

We can survive days without food. But can we survive days without water? No, we can’t water is essential for nourishing every single organ of our body. All systems digestive, immune, excretory, nervous and endocrine depend on water. So, as I said earlier it is needless to say that there is absolutely nothing more important than water.

Ways to save water

Water needs to be reused and prevented from getting wasted. There are 5 common ways that need to be adopted by everyone to prevent water from being wasted. By understanding the percentage of domestic use of water. 35% baths and showers,20% toilet flushed 20%, laundry 10% kitchen and drinking,5% for cleaning. The following are a few ways you can adapt

1. Filter the water

We need to reuse the water that is available to us. Through simple devices available to us we can easily filter and clean water.

Aimex MDM water filter

Made available by the MDM Australia, these water filters are worth a mention. These provide a safe solution to availability of clean water. Refillable Free Standing Water Coolers have amazing design for keeping water purified and clean

2. Water leaks must be checked

Fresh water is the most limited and most required resource on the planet. There is no way it should be wasted. Houses have good chance of leaks; this wastes water as well as destroys quality of stuff around the house.


3. Turn off the faucet when you are brushing or taking a shower

It is a common very observation that during brushing we leave the tab on.

While brushing it is often noticed that the eater tap is left on even when we are not using it. A good amount of water gets wasted during it.

4. Limit the time you spend in the shower

People find showering a time out of their hasty lives. While it would be much better to let the shower time to cleaning only, because it would save gallons of clean water.

5. Water your lawns not in the day

During watering your yard you need to be doing this not in the day, you should be doing it either in the evening or morning.

 In the day around 12’00 and after the sun is very strong ,evaporation increases thus increasing the amount of water evaporating and it Is harmful for the plants as well.


You have read so many articles regarding how the water helps in human body  ...Now we will see How the water is important in Human life and also in Human Brian... 

Water helps in Brain Health

Water is life and as we all know; we are more water then solid. The most important part of our body is brain. We can safely call it the most important organ, because it is the core of body. It operates every organ in our body. We try to be in shape with all sorts of food, through exercise and other stuff but we forget about the driver of every organ of our body and its health. Have you ever given this a thought on how to keep your brain healthy?

There are little things you can do to keep your brain healthy. One of the ways you can do it is through drinking plenty fresh and clean water. The emphasis is on fresh and clean water otherwise it will do more harm than good to your brain.


Processed water and Chlorine

Because of unavailability or fresh water supply we have to drink treated water. The processed water has chlorine which is used to keep the water clean by disinfecting it and killing all the germs from it. Chlorine is magical in a sense that it keeps the water so clean by eliminating all the pathogens and macrobacteria.

Every single day, people of the world drink chlorinated tap water.

But using this magical treatment has a disadvantage. According to a report submitted by US’s environment quality the risk of cancer is much more i.e. up to 93% more in people who drink water that is chlorinated then the people who drink fresh water.

Why Chlorine

You should know that when chlorine was introduced as a solution to purifying water, it came with a huge reduction in diseases that were caused by water. It made it easy for the cities to provide drinkable water.

Now, however, with technology and research reaching new height we have come to find out that all those magical advantages have come to us with a huge disadvantage. We need to protect ourselves from the disadvantages and harm that chlorine come with. The question now is how do we remove chlorine from water. MDM Australianhas provided us with the best water filters in Australia.

Products like water purifier dispenser and water filter cooler can be used in the houses as well as in homes for the supply of fresh and clean chlorine free water.

Our brain is in dire need of minerals and salts that it can get from water. But because many water filters dispose off these minerals as well. There’s a solution that we propose i.e. demineralizing water through our amazing products. Like the 8 stage Remineralizing water Filter and others.

8 stage Remineralizing Water Filters :


  • Remove rust, small particles and even prevent the entry of bacteria and germs.
  • Chlorine is removed along with many other chemicals
  • Alkalinity level can be set to moderate
  • Enhance the water’s taste and thus quality

7 stage Remineralizing Water Filters and other products can help you keep the minerals in your water that are healthy for your brain.


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