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It is truly said, water is life. It is used in every other domestic activity like for drinking, washing dishes or doing laundry, taking shower or watering your lawn. It is used commercially for countless purposes. For productions of drinks and cleaning. Water has unlimited uses, but unfortunately our home planet has a limited supply of clean water.


We see liters and liters of water going to waste everywhere, every single day. And there is a dire need of awareness against wastage of water. If you are wasting water you are taking away a resource from generations to come and are literally buying thirst for them.



There are little things that you can perform that will surely lead to saving tons of water from getting wasted. One of the major things to do is to reuse water. And making sure that the water is actually reusable or even drinkable is a national duty of MDM Australian.

There is a list of water filters that MDM Australian Introduce to the world. These water filters can be used to reuse water. There’s ceramic dome water filter, prill beads water purification, alkaline water beads and awesome Aimex MDM water filter. Our range of awesome Aimex MDM water filter can be used for range of different locations.

 For example, our 8 Stage Awesome Filter With White Body uses top dome to remove dust and sediment particles and also stops propagation of bacteria and germs. It uses activated carbon to remove chlorine and other organic chemicals to remove unpleasant odors and tastes. Extra layer of activated carbon to enhance taste and add to purification process. All our products have top quality features.

We all know this that we are contributing a great deal to saving the environment when we drink filtered water purified by making use of a water filter. This is because filtering water helps save water, and the amount of plastic bottle, which happens to be one of the greatest causes of environment pollution would not be produced.

According to a research, Americans spend as much as a monstrous $4 billion annually to purchase bottled water. This amount of money on plastic bottles is huge keeping in mind the harm that these bottles are doing to our environment. Simply recycling your water through filtration is far money saving and would be excellent for the environment.



If you are saving water than you are definitely saving humanity. Buying plastic bottled water is not just expensive it is extremely harmful to the environment. You can keep clean water and store it using our products and you will be saving your fridge from extra burden of cooling water bottles.

You can use variety of products for this purpose that include water cooler dispenser, water filter cooler ,water purifier dispenser,hot and cold water dispenser, bottled water dispenser, water purifier and chiller and water coolers are available for sale.

 MDM Australian have best water coolers which have multiple function which helps to save water on day to day basis let have look the functions of water cooler

Water coolers with multiple functions:

We are living in a world where each day is a challenge and we want to make our life easier and easier. After providing lots of benefits and advance appliances we decided to provide a jumbo amazing product which contains all the qualities facilities in one single product. The MDM is here again with a new and amazing product. Our latest products includes many different and complex function at a time.

Our amazing deals:

1.   Refillable free standing water coolers.
2.   Instant hot water dispenser Australia.
3.   Floor standing water cooler with filter.
4.   Ceramic water dispenser Australia.
5.   Benchtop water filter cooler.
6.   Hot water dispenser.
7.   Water filter cooler.
8.   Hot and cold water dispenser.
9.   Bottled water dispenser.


10.Water cooler Sydney.

  1. Water purifier and chiller.


Refillable free standing water coolers:

This water cooler is the most fastest selling water in Australia. Refillable free standing watercoolersprovides the benefit of refilling the water again when it finishes. You can take the water from the tap and refill in the water cooler this Refillable free standing water cooler will purify the water.

Instant hot water dispenser Australia:

It is also the fastest selling product as the name shows Instant hot water dispenser instantly raises the temperature according to the user need. Its main advantages are

  • Sounds silent than fridge
  • Floor Standing unit comes with storage option (not with the fridge)
  • Requires very little space in kitchen, office or any room.
  • Child lock is on hot water button to avoid any accident.
  • Stylish design and premium quality

Our other latest products includes 8 Stage Awesome Aimex Water Filter Benchtop Dispenser 20L Pot , Water Cooler Floor Standing White hot cold Ambient with Fluoride Reduction Control Filter.

Our New 8 Stage Awesome Filter With White Body Avoid Sun Light advance technology its top dome removes the rust and other particles while the ceramic balls adjust the alkaline level. The activated carbon Removes chlorine, Trihalomethanes (a result of chlorination which is associated with cancer), organic chemicals, unpleasant odours and taste. Other technology used for this purification is the 20L 8 Stage Awesome Aimex MDM White body Water Filter Carbon Mineral Bench top Dispenser our this product has a white body which purifies the water

Our company provides the best quality alkaline water filters. Alkaline water filter Australia has a unique way of filtering the alkaline water the filter produces contains H20 clusters which are smaller, and therefore your body can digest and absorb them more easily



New  Stage Alkaline  Water Filter Carbon Mineral Purifier:

This amazing product makes the removes the chlorine and other harmful particles which results in water purification. Water purifier and chiller:

This amazing product not only purifies the water but also lowers its temperature therefore it is of great use in summer season. Its advance technology provides the purification and helps you to enjoy the chilled water in hot season. It is of great use in offices and home because it is small in size and can be kept anywhere.

Make sure that you enjoy the amazing deals by MDM Australia and make your life comfortable with our advance technologies.


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