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As we all know, us humans, we are 60% water. It is safe to say that water is life. Water is a need of every living thing, in some organisms, up to 90% of their body weight comes from water.

To prevent your body from, you need to drink balanced amounts of water. Health authorities have been recommending consuming eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon but that too depends on body weight.

Quality of water that we need

To talk a little about quality of water that needs to be consumed. Water is a major need in our body and for our survival, there’s a dire need for availability of fresh, clean useable water. Unfortunately, earth doesn’t have enough of fresh water supply. Thus, we need ways to find fresh water supply or ways to clean the available water and make it drinkable. Which has been made possible through the use of Natural mineral water filters, made available to you by MDM Australia.

How water intake affects us:

We all know the major reason we are asked to drink water that is it gets in our kidneys and keep our blood clean. It’s like a purifier. But the fact that it needs to be clean itself is very important. Otherwise it will do more harm than good. We will talk about that and ways we can have clean water in a while but before that we need to understand what other major functions water performs in our body. It improves digestion. According to mayoclink article Without a doubt water dilutes the digestive juices and intervene greatly with digestion and absorption of minerals is quantified. Drinking water during or after a meal actually helps in quicker digestion.

Water also softens stool, which helps prevent constipation which happens to be one of the major digestive problem faced by people today.

How we loose water

H2O (water) nourishes the digestive system and every other system of the human body. While other drinks that you take in do the opposite like the soda or other sugar filled drinks. A consistent supply of water is necessary to recover the loss of liquids from body. In addition, provide a fluid balance and nourishes transport system in the body. The body loses water through breathing, digestion, respiration, urination and perspiration so it's as important to hydrate as to respire.

Digestion can be aided by drinking plenty of water and eating food that has more quantities of water. The fact that if our digestive system isn’t working perfectly fine, it can digest food partially so even when you eat healthy, there’s a good chance you didn’t get all the proper nutrients out of the food you ate. On the other hand, proper digestion makes minerals and nutrients more available. Most of our diet consists of soluble fiber for which water is a necessity, it helps form well shaped bowel which is easier to pass.

How to achieve great Digestion through the Normal Tap Water let have look now....... 

The tap water, advantages and functions of our filter :

The tap water also known as the running water or city water is supplied to a tab .the tap water is used for several purposes like for drinking ,washing , cooking and flushing of toilets. Tap water is often used for drinking purposes, especially in developed countries. The major problem in using tap water is that it is usually not pure as filtered water from dispenser but it is mostly cleaned before using in many countries the tap water usually contains many bacteria and other germs. Water which people use in their houses for the drinking washing cooking or other purposes usually uses many methods for water purification such as boiling, or distillation can be used when tap water's cleanliness is doubted.

Most amazing and Easy methods through our products:

The MDM Australia provides many methods for water purification and these methods are so unique and time saving that you will love to have our products. The tap water is mostly not clean and cannot be used directly so several methods are involved by our products to clear the water.

The water can be filtered and purified easily by our water dispenser which cleans the water and store it in a drum to make it use. The tap water may contains the excess amount of fluorine so it should be removed before using and this purification can be achieved through our amazing product like Fluoride reduction control filter .It works in a very unique way as it takes water form the tap and then checks the amount of fluorine in it if the amount present is acceptable by human body than it tries to maintain the level of fluorine and if it is in excess amount then its reduces the amount of fluorine and makes it acceptable for human body. The Fluoride reduction water filter is best and amazing for fluoride reduction and purification.

 Water Cooler Standing Chiller purifier :



The water obtained from the tap is mostly moderate in temperature but while during different seasons we need to use the chill or warm water so this problem is solved through this amazing product the tap water is fed into this appliance and then it not only purifies but also sets the temperature . Switches for Hot and Cold functions so it is entire up to user’s choice to turn and off to saves power.

Water Cooler Floor Standing Chiller purifieris best for use in offices and home as it acquires very small place

Alkaline water filter:

The alkaline water filtercan also be used for purifying the tap water.Remember, an alkaline water filter doesn’t actually purify the water – it separates it through a chemical process into two types - alkaline and acidic - so, it’s still desirable to purify the water by using other water purification products such as the one’s MDM Australianprovide.

Our8 Stages Water Filter  has the advance technology which cleans the chlorine Bacteria,Parasites,Bad smell and taste,Organic sediments pesticides and contaminants like rust, nickel, arsenic, mercury and lead.





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