December 20, 2018 3 min read

Water Dispenser: Bottled or Filtered?


Water is important not only to people but to all living things. Nowadays, everyone becomes too health conscious that even the source of water must be known before consuming it. Most common types of drinking water are tap water, bottled water, and filtered water among others. It so common to see water dispensers and water bottles in offices, business establishments and even homes that sometimes it is being discussed what is ideal, convenient and cost-effective.  That is why many people are looking for means to improve the quality of drinking water, either by filtering tap water or buying bottled water.

Bottled water

Water in a bottle is simply drinking water; it may be tap, distilled or filtered. The biggest advantage of bottled water is convenience. Likewise, you can track down your water intake because the volume of water in the bottle is indicated in the label. Nowadays, wide varieties of bottled water have come out to the market. There are flavored waters, sparkling waters, and electrolyte-enhanced waters to name a few. The major downside of bottled water is its container itself. Plastics are not only hazardous to humans but also to the environment. The plastics are non-biodegradable therefore over the years it will still be around. In addition, billions of money are spent on bottled water that it becomes a question of whether it is well-spent or waste.

Filtering tap water

There is a need to filter the tap water because water sources have been putting chemicals like chlorine, fluoride and many others. There are several types of water filter available in the market and they are activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis, alkaline ionizers, UV filters, and infrared filters. Just like bottled water, filtered water has its pros and cons. The pros include being cost-effective, ensures the user that harmful contaminants are removed. Meanwhile, the cons include aftercare of the equipment, the cost of water filters initially.

Bottled water versus Filtered Water

For a better comparison, we will judge bottled versus filtered water with the following categories: convenience, cleanliness, cost and environmental impact.

Bottled water is very convenient. You can but it anywhere of if you wish to stay in the comfort of your home; there are companies that can deliver it to your doorstep.  This sort of service is typically used with a water dispenser. On the other hand, you will never run out of filtered water because it uses the water that you are already using in your home. And more so, there are water dispensers with built-in filters that are available in the market. However the more you use the filter it becomes less effective.

Cleanliness is the primary reason why people buy bottled water. Companies that make bottled water can afford to buy equipment that could clean tap water. Compared to filtered water, homeowners could not spend as much as the big companies do.

The cost of bottled water ranges from $1-$2 or if you are buying it by galloons it is around $7-$9. You can reduce your spending as are water refilling station around the community. On the other hand, water filters are very costly on your initial buy but it does not cost any dime to run the system.

As mentioned water bottles are made of plastics and are non-biodegradable, however, bear in mind that plastic bottles are recyclable and there are many recyclable plants that repurpose the plastics. Compared to bottled water, filtered water has a lesser environmental impact.


Water in water dispensers, bottled or filtered, can have its pros and cons depending on the use of the person.

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