December 14, 2018 3 min read

How Fluoride Water Filter Helps Your Kidney


The kidneys are vital organs of the body. They are bean-shaped and fist-sized organs located between the spinal cord and inferior to the rib cage.  Kidneys are important organs of our body since they are responsible for getting rid of toxins in our body. One of which is fluoride. Fluoride is found in the water we drink in various amounts.  However too much fluoride in the kidney is bad to our health, that is there is a great purpose why to have fluoride water filter be installed in home and offices.

 Fluoridated Water

 Fluoride was added to public water with a goal of preventing tooth decays to everyone. It helps strengthen the teeth and repair damages brought by cavities. More particularly, this project aims to benefit the children and families from lower income since fluoridation of water has no additional cost to the consumers.

However, it may appear that fluoride in water has some good benefit; it can also bring a lot of concerns regarding fluoride. Some of the disadvantages of fluoride in drinking water include risk to individuals to individuals with kidney disease, too much fluoride on children’s teeth can cause tooth spots which can lead to rotting of the tooth, affect thyroid and liver functions, cancer and weakened bones.

 Fluoride Water Filter

 Water filters are developed to ensure that all people are drinking clean, toxic-free and great tasting water. There are several fluoride water filters that are available in the market. They also come in various forms like a portable, countertop or mounted in the faucet. It is a must-have especially to those who love camping or hiking to ensure safe drinking water. More so, having fluoride water filters is convenient and cost-effective rather than buying bottled water every once in a while.

 Types of Fluoride Water Filter

There are several types of fluoride water filters that are available in the market and these are reverse osmosis, distillation, and pitcher water filters. Reverse osmosis is a filter system that includes transporting tap water through a number of filters and a membrane. During the process, the toxins are being collected in a brine solution that goes to the drain. Gravity filter, on the other hand, is a simple system that uses two filters that are stacked on top of the other and letting the gravity pulls down the water through the filter. Meanwhile, distillation is a process of removing water from the toxins through the use of steam and condensation process. Lastly, the pitcher water filter has three main parts, the pitcher, the filter and the reservoir. You fill the reservoir with water until it seeps through the filter and drops down to the pitcher, leaving the toxins behind the filter.

 It is so important to use fluoride water filter because fluoride accumulates without us knowing. There are many water filters however not all filters fluoride, thus you have to have fluoride water filters in order to remove the toxin.

There are several countries that fluoridise their water that is why there is an increasing number of demands in the market. A home fluoride water filter is affordable and an effective way to filter your water for a better health and environment.

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