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Aquasana vs Pelican – Whole house water filter and softener reviews

Water is an essential part of any living being. Our whole body is made up of 80% water and we need to balance that for homeostasis. Many physicians also consult to take about 4 litres of water on a daily basis. The requirements for drinking water have been increasing every day but the resources are scarce. Furthermore, many companies are trying to scale up the water filtering systems for households. The marketplace is now flushed with many systems as well. Now, talking about reviews, we will be reviewing the greatest contenders of the date, and that is Aquasana vs Pelican.

A study suggests that earth has only 2.5% fresh water which is suitable for drinking while the earth is constituted of 70% water. The percentage is too small for living organisms to survive on this planet. But, what causes more trouble is the presence of certain minerals and salts that make water a little hard. So, apart from filtering the water from impurities, it is also required to make the water soft with a controlled pH level. Now, you must be thinking that the treatment would require different types of equipment. Well, you are indeed right but the household water systems like that of Aquasana and Pelican have made it possible to merge the two technologies into one system which can be bought at an affordable rate. But, if that is so, why we are comparing Aquasana vs Pelican?

The major reason is doing so is to provide you with insights about both the product and help you determine which water filter will serve to your purpose. Once you have installed the best water treatment system in your home, you will not need to buy a cask of water again.

Whole house water filter and softener reviews

In this technological era, you will come across many advertisements sharing information about the water filters and softeners. But, it becomes really hard as there are only pros and no cons associated with the products. Through whole house water filter and softener reviews and extensive research, we are determined to find which household water system is better.

A basic water treatment system must have water filters or the candles as many companies term them. The water filters are mainly made up of carbon rods and silicate materials which act as the stopper to impurities and certain minerals to go to the next stage. The candles have charged rods which are designed to attract specific minerals to the periphery of the rod. The minerals and impurities get stuck to it and the remaining water with the minuscule amount of remnants are passed on to the main filter which has a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane stops the dirt or pollutants to enter into the stream and only allows fresh and pure water to pass through it. In this way, you will be able to get fresh and pure water. But, the water still has dissolved salts present in it which makes the water hard for use.

Consumption of hard water is not healthy. Hard water is termed when the dissolved amount of salt within the water is excessively high in sodium or magnesium. A better way to distinguish is to see if lather is formed with the water. Hard water generally do not form lather with soap which means that washing clothes and removing the dirt become cumbersome. This is where a softener technology helps to reduce the hardness of the water for serving a better purpose.

Aquasana Ratings & Reviews

Aquasana has earned quite a reputation in the water market with its latest innovations and quality products. As per the Aquasana ratings and reviews on various e-commerce websites, we thought of going through their products to identify the key drivers for purchase.

Within the whole house water filter and softener department, there are mainly three categories of products which they have devised. The first and foremost is the salt-free softener followed by Sterilight UV filter and Pro-Grade install kit. We will highlight the products in salt-free softener as the system is our prime concern. There are several products in the portfolio that caters to the needs.

There are softeners for the city or municipal water supply as well as private well water supply. The products have the capacity of treating water up to 1,000,000 gallons. This is a positive sign as it has a large storage capacity and you can use the water for the whole house starting from washing to cooking to bathing. Moreover, the prices of these products are also set low as compared to other equipment having similar quality. Aquasana has also made it evident that the performance of their products remains high and the maintenance of the products are done quite swiftly. In addition to these, there are replacement filters also available from their website as well. So, you do not need to visit every local store to find the right fit. You can just order them online and the filters will be delivered to you.

All in all, the whole house water filter and softener system provides the perfect assistance to your household water solution and is a definite choice if you are willing to install a plant. But, we are discussing Aquasana vs Pelican. So, it becomes of utmost importance that we take a look at the Pelican water treatment system to derive any conclusion.

Pelican Filter Water Filter Reviews

One of the major faults that any water treatment system faces is the loss of life. Each and every mechanical device has a lifespan where it can provide the optimum performance after which you will have to change the product and install a newer version. According to Pelican filter water filter reviews on some substantial e-commerce websites and blogs, we figured out that Pelican is a name which is associated with durability and performance.

The whole house water filter by Pelican certifies 99% effectiveness in removing the impurities from water and making the water soft. Now, the system does not include any superlative chemicals to soften the water. Instead, they have implemented natural softener with a lifetime warranty. It means that if there is a problem in the softener, the company will replace it without incurring an extra cost which is a huge benefit to the customers. Moreover, the products are able to serve in any condition maintaining the same performance level.

In addition to these, Pelican offers a huge product line with various specialities like the inclusion of fluoride water filters to kill germs, UV filters, bypass kit, full install kit, sediment filters, whole house water softener install kit, and many more. However, the price is a tad bit on the higher side. But, given the value and warranty of the water filtering system, it is a good choice to opt for Pelican.

Aquasana vs Pelican – Which one is better?

Talking back about Aquasana vs Pelican, it is quite difficult to announce a winner. Both the water treatment systems by these companies are at par in their own field. One is a cost-leader while the other is product-leader. Although, both of them have a similar rate of return associated with their products and this is the reason why they both have been good contenders whenever it comes to buying a whole house water filter and softener system.

Aquasana is a better choice if you have a price constraint and want your systems to perform highly with respect to other water treatment systems. The product line is quite short but the capacity that it can provide to you is enormous. It does not take much space in your backyard and works efficiently with the supply water. Most of the supply water in a municipality is time-bound. Installing one of their products ensures that the water is stored and treated to reach your storage tank for further use. The price is low and the replacement filters are available on their website making purchases convenient. However, there is no lifetime warranty that inducts that you might have to replace the whole softener system in future incurring higher costs.

On the other hand, Pelican water filter is an excellent choice if you are looking for a whole house water treatment solution which is durable and is able to perform pretty efficiently. There are many products as well in the product line to choose from. So, you do not have to stick to a product you don't find suitable only because the offerings are few. Moreover, there is a lifetime warranty on the softener technology and trust associated with the durability and performance of Pelican water filter systems. The marked price is quite high as compared to Aquasana but you can well calculate that the replacement costs of Aquasana filters tend to become quite near to the purchase and installation cost Pelican water filter systems.

So, if you are looking for quality, durability, and efficiency, Pelican water filter systems are a better choice but if you do not want to invest a huge sum of money yet you want a system with decent performance, check out the Aquasana range of filters.

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