Aimex MDM Water Dispenser 16L and 20L Installation Manual

Water Dispenser 16L and  20L Installation Manual

To install awesome water dispeser 16L and 20L here is few tips and steps to follow.


  1. Procedure to install the replacement/new filter

Please soak filter and pads in water for overnight, to remove the air in between the particles and material inside. Then wash it under the running tap water (warm, not boil) which helps to get rid of the black colour from activated charcoal. Then install it.

  1. Why my new filter is leaking from the side?

Leaking may be caused by the air in between the particles in new filter. All you need to do is, remove the filter wash it under the warm water (not boiled) for 10-15 min, which helps to remove if any air left inside and helps the water flow. The flow gradually increases as you use it, because new filter is not treated at all, everything is new.

  1. If I see black colour water or drink that black colour, do I need to see a doctor

    It is a natural discharge from activated charcoal, if you have washed it properly then it won’t leak, however, activated charcoal is use for many toxicity removal process, so if you had it then no need to worry, absolutely fine. You can search on web to get knowledge of benefits of activated charcoal. Now a days they use in toothpaste and even tablets are available in health and pharmacy store.
  2. Why it is taking long time for filtration?

In event of extremely slow filtration process, please rinse filter with warm water not the boiling water.

The measurements of the filters are as here



The procedure is leave the filter soak in water overnight, then run warm water through 4-5 min or black discharge stops and then install it

All happen due to 5 micron pores in ceramic layer and air in between the molecules, in other hand it is a good sign of best quality. Speed will increase gradually

Please follow the steps to install 16L or 20L water dispenser according to picture