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Kinetico Water Softener Review & Cost – UPDATED 2018

Minerals like Calcium and Magnesium make the water hard and sometimes this becomes a cause of a lot of water problems that we don’t realize such as clogging of pipes, soap complications and sometimes the detergent dissolves in the water and leave water spots on the utensils. This is where water softener comes handy as it solves all these problems along with many more. Kinetico Water Softener is a Consumer Affairs accredited brand which is the first choice for many people in case they face any water problems. Kinetico water systems provide a variety of options for you to choose from such as multi-tank systems, water filtration system and variety of water softeners.

Kinetico Water Softener Reviews

Kinetico Water softener, being a Customer Affairs accredited brand, has a lot of verified reviews that one can go through if they are having any doubts about purchasing them. If you go through Customer Affairs official site, you’ll find a lot of Kinetico Water Softener Reviews submitted by their customers. Majority of people have given 5 stars to Kinetico water softener reporting overall satisfaction rating. They have written how earlier they were facing a lot of water problems and how they were confused as to what product they should purchase and how to go about it. These people than through a search on the Internet or because other people suggested them decided to avail services from Kinetico Water Softener. Many customers have written about how they received excellent service and that their sales representative was very friendly and knowledgeable; and how he ran water tests, explained all their options, answered any query that they had and helped them make the best decision.

While a few customers also reported unsatisfactory reviews about these softeners. One of the reasons being that customers buying Kinetico water softener had to also pay for the installation services as the company does not advice DIY installation of these systems. Also, customers facing problems with their systems have to call the company again and again as most of the other services know little about these systems. Some complaints consisted of detailed explanation about how they had some default in their systems and how they are extremely unsatisfied with them.

Therefore, most people are extremely happy and satisfied with their decision of getting Kinetico water softener installed. They report that since the system is water driven instead of electricity is driven, it requires very low maintenance and works efficiently. Kinetico water softener has managed to solve all their water problems and this is the reason that they now recommend it to everyone around them and also to people who look them up on the Internet by submitting positive reviews about the brand.

But there are also some people who due to more than the average cost of these softeners and due to some other reasons are not happy with Kinetico water softener.

Kinetico Water Softener Cost

Kinetico Water Softener is one of the most dependable water softeners in the industry but with its high quality also comes hefty costs of these softeners. Kinetico Water Softener cost is somewhere between $500- $5000 depending on the model and the location from where it is purchased from; therefore, there are many people who are intimidated at just the first glance at their prices and go off to purchase softeners of cheaper brands. But those who can afford them are extremely satisfied with them and believe that Kinetico water softener is worth the money.

One of the other complaints that customers have with Kinetico water softener is that it does not support a DIY installation of their softeners and other systems. So, one has to pay off extra money to their services who come in to install these systems. Some customers also have complaints about the expensive parts of these softeners and systems. Replacement of some parts with its installation charges and the price of these parts sum up to a very high cost that when compared to other brands, one finds that they could’ve bought a new system in itself with the money that they are spending on just a part.

Kinetico vs. Culligan

Some customers often tend to compare Kinetico and Culligan water softeners because of their similarity in terms of price, warranty, installation requirements and some other features. Both the brands offer a 1-year warranty for labour and advice that customers avail services from their technical staff instead of fixing it themselves or availing repairing services from other companies. DIY fixes also void your warranty for the product.

But these similarities are limited to one point as in terms of reputation, Culligan seems to take a downfall. While Kinetico have mostly good reviews about their products, Culligan has very poor customer reviews and is seen as an inferior brand when compared with Kinetico.

While Culligan is cheaper between the two, features of Kinetico make up for its cost. With the twin tank feature present in Kinetico, you now don’t have to worry about the shortage of water as this feature provides you soft water 24/7 without any downtime or break in service. And when it comes to warranty period, Kinetico gives warranty for each and every part of the product including labour for that specific period of time whereas Culligan leaves many parts from this warranty period; leaving very little for ‘’ lifetime warranted’’.

Some customers claim that Culligan has more user-friendly controls when compared to Kinetico which require services from the company for every problem. But Kinetico doesn’t even require services very often as it is very long lasting and works efficiently for about 12- 20 years and even after that one can get some parts repaired and replaced and further use the product for another 15-20 years.

Therefore, Kinetico is a much better option in terms of durability, quality, and efficiency.

Specifics about certain Kinetico water softener models

Kinetico 2020c

Kinetico 2020c has received some mixed feedback from customers. While it is highly praised for its advanced and distinct features, some customers complain about its default functioning. Kinetico 2020 is a non-electric system hence one doesn’t need to fear about high bills of electricity. It comes with a 10-year warranty and a twin tank system which ensures you soft water supply 24/7. It does not have any wires to plug in and hence it is designed to fit in the kitchen cabinet of every size. Kinetico 2020c is extremely easy to use and you just have to add salt and leave. This system also regulates self-cleaning and hence it is extremely durable.

Kinetico 2020c Price is around $500 but expenses for this water softener does not end here. If we are to calculate annual water usage for 4 people, then just for the water used for cleaning of the softener, one is likely to spend an additional $67. Now, one would require at least 27 Kinetico block salt packages a year for the smooth functioning of the softener. These salt packages cost $134 for 20 packages. Hence, overall one is likely to spend an additional $2408 in a year without considering any change in prices due to inflation.

So, even though this system is praised by many people, others find it very expensive when compared to other softeners available in the market for much cheaper prices.

Kinetico s250

Kinetico Premiere s250 is an intelligent choice if you are looking to solve your hard water problems. This system operates without the use of electricity and hence cuts of any chance of getting high electricity bills. With its AccuDial feature, it tunes your water treatment professional according to your home’s specific needs. It is like having your own custom-made water treatment system. This system utilizes a multi-tank system so that you have ample supply of water 24/7, even during the cleaning process. Kinetico s250 Price is around $5000 as it is a premium water softener. Thus, not many people choose to purchase this product as they are not able to afford it but those who purchased it really liked the system.

Kinetico Water softener can be purchased online through their official site but they usually do not advise you to purchase a product before getting a water test of your home or establishment. These water tests can be availed free of cost and after these tests are run through, the service provides you with several options that you can choose from. These services then answer all the questions that you have and if you still have some doubt then they leave you with their contact number in case you have any questions to ask from them later on. They never pester you by calling you again and again and wait to hear back from you. They are extremely friendly, helpful and well informed and ensure that you get nothing but best services.

Therefore, in an overview through reviews, we can conclude that overall about 70 percent customers are satisfied with the effectiveness and performance of these products while the other 30 percent remains unsatisfactory due to the high cost of the units and parts of these products.


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