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Water Purifier Dispenser from MDM Australian

The water replacement bottle, body 8 stage water filter, is just new in the market and definitely one that you should check out. It can:

  • Purify, sterilize and remove any contaminants in water.
  • Be easily cleaned because of its carbon core structure.
  • Reduce risks of valve leakage
  • Be compatible with several coolers including Aimex Coolers, Awesome Cooler among others.

The 16L 8 stage water filter with a carbon mineral purifier is another mind-blowing filter which can:

  • Remove rust, small particles and even prevent the entry of bacteria and germs.
  • Sieve out, among other organic chemicals, chlorine.
  • Set the water alkalinity to a mild stage.
  • Enhance the water’s taste

Finally, is the 20L 8 stage fluoride reduction control filter with a carbon mineral dispenser cannot be left out! It is new and can do just the same as the previous 16L 8 stage, with in specification, the following amounts of rust and sediments being sieved out:

  • 0.3 microns and larger of rust and sediments particles

What separates this filter from the 16L 8 stage is the inclusion of a control filter for the purposes of reducing the fluorine in water. This definitely isn’t present in the latter.

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