TGA APPROVED Digital Thermometer Baby Adult IR Forehead Ear No Touch Temperature

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IR Thermometer
TGA APPROVED Digital Thermometer Baby Adult IR Forehead Ear No Touch Temperature

Key Features

  • Infrared Digital Non-Contact Medical Thermometer for Adults and Babies Forehead Ear and Object Temperature Gun with High Temperature/fever Alarm 1s Read 4 in 1 Screen Display
  • Forehead and ear thermometer 4 in 1: You can take the temperature of the forehead, the ear, and also of the object with this digital thermometer. The three age classifications adjustment function makes this medical thermometer more accurate: 3 months-6 years old, 6 years-12 years old, over 12 years old. It applies to both hospital/medical centre and home use.
  • Non-contact measurement: This non-contact forehead thermometer is specially designed to take human body temperature at a distance of 0-3cm (0-1.18inch) from the forehead. Avoiding direct contact with the skin makes the measurement process safer and healthier.
  • The non-contact infrared forehead thermometer design can measure body temperature at a distance of 3-5cm without physical contact. Moreover, it can quickly display accurate data in 1 second with a beep sound thanks to an ultra-sensitive infrared sensor.
  • HIGH ACCURACY AND RELIABILITY - AMS technology with updated high-precision sensor probes and intelligent chips for accurate results and excellent performance. It's FDA cleared and mercury-free, so it's safe to use on your kids
  • MULTIMODE & FUNCTION - Automatic switching between forehead and ear mode when the cover is switched on and off. Manual switching to object mode; Celsius / Fahrenheit; Mute / Loud Verification and storage of 40 memory records
  • ADJUSTABLE INFRARED SENSITIVITY IN-EAR MODE - Considering the small babies, infrared sensors can be selected in 3 files by age: 3 months - 6 years; 6 years - 12 years; over 12 years. You can choose the sensitivity appropriate for your children and do a more accurate temperature test
  • MAGNETIC PROBE COVER - More convenient to use. The probe can be well protected and you don't have to change or buy any additional covers
  • IMMEDIATE READING WITH 4 COLOR DISPLAY - The result can be read in a quick measurement of 1 second. According to the measured temperature, the screen is displayed in 4 different colors: blue, green, yellow and red. If the screen is red, you have a fever
  • LCD Display and Mute Mode
  • LCD display of this infrared frontal thermometer helps you read temperatures directly at night without turning on the light. Switch to mute and get the body temperature without worrying about waking your baby.
  • Updated Smart Chip
  • Advanced smart chips provide accurate results and fast excellent performance
  • The temperature data can be calculated in less than 1 seconds
  • High Precision Sensor Probes
  • Upgraded probe with a sensitive sensor delivers more reliable results
  • Scientific design without infrared laser more suitable for babies
Converting between the forehead and ear mode
  • When measuring the temperature of the ear, remove the probe cover, pull the ear back and up and insert the probe gently into the ear canal.
  • AMS Patented Technology - Automatic Switch between Ear and Forehead Mode
  • Cover on - Ear Mode
  • Cover off - Forehead Mode
  • Magnetic Probe Cover
  • Automatic adsorption with Magnetic
  • Better protect the probe and extend its service life
  • 4 Color Screen Display
  • Blue - Stand By
  • Green - Normal Body Temperature
  • Yellow - High-Temperature Warning
  • Red - High-temperature warning. Show red colour and give alarm sound
  • LCD display, precise reading and mute mode: The LCD display of this infrared thermometer helps you to read temperatures directly at night without turning on the light. Fast measurement with instant reading in 1 second. Switch to silent mode and get body temperature without worrying about waking your baby.
  • Fever Alarm & Memory Function: This infrared temperature gun can save up to 40 temperature readings and recall them at any time to better track changes in body temperature. And it is equipped with a high Temp. warning system. If 37.6 °C ≦ T ≦ 38.0 °C, the orange light is displayed, warning you that you may have a low fever. If 38.1 °C ≦ T ≦ 42.9 °C, the red light will appear and warn you that you may have a high fever.
  • If 32°C ≦ T ≦ 37.5°C (89.6°F ≦ T ≦ 99.5°F), the green light will be displayed, with a long beep, and it tells you that you are in good condition.
  • If 37.6°C ≦ T ≦ 38.0°C (99.7°F ≦ T ≦ 100.4°F), the orange light will be displayed with 6 short beeps, each with 2 short sounds, which is a warning that you may have a low temp.
  • If 38.1°C ≦ T ≦ 42.9°C (100.6°F ≦ T ≦ 109.2°F), the red light will be displayed with 6 short beeps, each with 2 short sounds, which is a warning that you may have a high temp.
  • It can display readings in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Celsius / Fahrenheit Switchable
  • The switch button is on the back of the device above the battery compartment. You can find it when you open the back cover
  • 40 Memory Data Recall
  • It can store 40 group temperature data. You can recall them with the test sequence number so that you can see, track and compare the change of the temperature.
  • Sound Off function
  • Sometimes when your baby is sleeping, the device can be tested without sound. Just click the test button for about 5 seconds till the silent mode logo show on the screen
  • Only suitable for baby, kids older than 3 months and adults. Don't use it on babies under 3 months especially newborn
  • Please clean the probe at least once a week, better each time before use. Because dust on the probe can affect temperature calculation
  • Don't begin the test if you just finish the probe cleaning, especially when you wash with an alcoholic dishcloth, please kindly wait for 15 minutes. The probe is very sensitive, friction on it can also cause temperature change
  • When you use the Forehead Mode, please test with the Cover-Off device close on your forehead skin without any gap. The most accurate test position is between your eyebrows, although another position on the forehead is also feasible
Please note:
  • This thermometer is registered in TGA database
  • FDA & CE Certified, documentation can be provided upon request.
  • GST invoice available upon request
  • A small deviation in colour is possible since different computer monitors have different frequencies.

  • IR Thermometer x 1
  • Magnetic cap/cover x 1
  • Pouch x 1
  • Operating Manual x1
  • Quick Start Guide x1

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